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Commas Matter

Today Only Tradesmart

I found this on the Facebook page of one of my favorite places to shop — Tradesmart. It’s like Hastings on steroids and has every possible type of entertainment imaginable. I love your merchandise, Tradesmart, but I need you to step up the punctuation.

This isn’t technically a mistake, but it can lead to misreading. I would prefer to put a comma after only. Without the comma, the sale advertisement could lead people to think that 50% just isn’t good enough. I interpret the message as, “You only get 50% off — not 75%.” Though 50% off is certainly worthy of that exclamation mark, some people might read the advertisement as a disappointing sale.

Of course, the ad’s intent is to convey that today — and today only — shoppers can get 50% off all apparel at Tradesmart. However, without a comma, readers of the ad could be misled.

My quick fix — add a comma:

*Today only, get 50% off all of our apparel! . . . *


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