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American Furniture Error-House

Every Day

I’ve been looking for this particular error, and I was ever-so pleased when I came across this one at American Furniture Warehouse.

The culprit here is everyday. In this case the word everyday is serving as an adverb. How, you might ask, would I know that? Well, you see, adverbs answer certain questions like when, how often, where, why, to what degree, how, etc. In this situation, the word everyday is telling us when or how often American Furniture is open for business.

When everyday is squeezed together as one word, it is actually serving as an adjective. Adjectives answer the questions what kind, which one(s), or how many. So if I use everyday as one word, it needs to come before a noun. For example, I might lace up my everyday sneakers or sip my everyday blueberry green tea. I know everyday should be one word in these instances because it answers the question what kind of sneakers or blueberry green tea.

Now, when these words are functioning as an adverb (as they are in the picture), they have to be separated. So if you were to say that American Furniture is open seven days a week, you would use the words every day. American Furniture Warehouse is open every day from 10 a.m.-10 p.m.

Jake Jabs will pet that white tiger with even more gusto now that the public knows the difference between everyday and every day.


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