Adjectives, Adverbs, Grammar

Drive Safe (ly)

Drive Safe

I was leaving the Ralph Schomp Honda dealership and came across this error.

It’s rather simple, really. The sign that says “PLEASE DRIVE SAFE” assaulted my grammatical senses because of an adjective/adverb mishap.

Safe is technically explaining how people should be driving, and, if you remember my lesson about determining whether you have an adverb or adjective (click here for a refresher), how is a question answered by adverbs. Safe is an adjective, so to fix this mistake, we would need to use the adverb form, safelyHow should people drive? Safely.

I’m glad to see someone else saw this error and placed the orange traffic cone next to it as a warning to fellow grammar nerds. Mistakes like this could cause a serious wreck!


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