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A Selfish Farmer

This elevator can be found in the bustling metropolis of Roggen, right along Interstate 76. At first, a passerby might not even notice the teeny, tiny apostrophe placed ever-so gently between the r and the s in farmers. But I assure you; it is there. And it is wrong. I happen to know that Roggen… Continue reading A Selfish Farmer

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Apostrophes Not Fit for Plurals

I know "CD GOODIE BOX" AND "$9.99!!" are the most important messages on this sign, but that's no reason to include errors in the small print. Again, I was at Tradesmart, and again, I found an error in its advertising strategies. This particular error happens frequently: using an apostrophe to form a plural. In this… Continue reading Apostrophes Not Fit for Plurals

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Facebook — Just, Yeah . . .

I usually stick to writing that I observe in public, but a friend of mine supplied me with this beauty, and I couldn't pass up the teachable moment. First, I have one thing to say: "Watson, get me my red pen -- stat!" (We will tackle mixed metaphors another day.) Okay, now that I feel… Continue reading Facebook — Just, Yeah . . .

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The Omissive Apostrophe

I found this gem on the bumper of a van as I was walking into a casino. This time, I don't have a problem; rather, I want to point out a correctly used punctuation mark! Many think apostrophes are used to show possession -- and those people would be correct -- but the little devils… Continue reading The Omissive Apostrophe

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I Judged This Book by Its Cover . . .

. . . and I shouldn't have! Okay, well, as an editor, I had every right to judge this book by its cover -- initially. When I first discovered the book in Tattered Cover, I stared at it, trying to make some sense of it. I grappled with possibilities, trying to imagine that this couldn't… Continue reading I Judged This Book by Its Cover . . .

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Apostrophe Catastrophe

This picture frame was perching in a Hallmark store, waiting for a naive victim to purchase it as a token of friendship. Little would that girlfriend know she would be paying $15.99 to perpetuate a terrible crime: accepting and supporting an incorrectly placed apostrophe. The problem: The picture frame says "Girl's Night." Now, unless I'm… Continue reading Apostrophe Catastrophe