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Roll Over, Reed and Kellogg

Hello to you! I hope this blog entry finds you well. As it turns out, I did not, in fact, fall off the face of the planet. I know I have been shirking my blogging duties lately, and for that I apologize. However, in my defense, the events in my life got excitingly erratic. Since… Continue reading Roll Over, Reed and Kellogg

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American Furniture Error-House

I've been looking for this particular error, and I was ever-so pleased when I came across this one at American Furniture Warehouse. The culprit here is everyday. In this case the word everyday is serving as an adverb. How, you might ask, would I know that? Well, you see, adverbs answer certain questions like when,… Continue reading American Furniture Error-House

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To Assure or Ensure? That Is the Question

I was visiting the doctor when I found this. (I actually snapped three pictures while waiting for her; I will talk about the others later.) The problem is the word assure. You see, assure can be used only with animate objects that are capable of having anxiety. You assure your grandmother her green chicken is… Continue reading To Assure or Ensure? That Is the Question

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Facebook — Just, Yeah . . .

I usually stick to writing that I observe in public, but a friend of mine supplied me with this beauty, and I couldn't pass up the teachable moment. First, I have one thing to say: "Watson, get me my red pen -- stat!" (We will tackle mixed metaphors another day.) Okay, now that I feel… Continue reading Facebook — Just, Yeah . . .

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Starbucks: Bennett, Colorado

Except vs Accept. This is a rather sad mistake: "...we cannot except tips!" Of course, this should read, "...we cannot accept tips!" In general, except can be used as a preposition: I want everything in that frappuccino except caramel. Accept, on the other hand, is a verb: I would gladly accept your tip; however, we… Continue reading Starbucks: Bennett, Colorado