Editing Portfolio

September 2016-January 2017


  • Edited Eri Kardos’s best-selling book Relationship Agreements: A Simple and Effective Guide for Strengthening Communication, Reducing Conflict, and Increasing Intimacy to Design Your Ideal Relationship
  • Performed digital display testing across all Kindle platforms
  • Performed layout checks of the print version
    (ISBN: 1540338487)

May 2015

  • Edited manuscript for book Hostages to the Sea: Waterman Steamships at War 1941-1945
    (ISBN: 0692523413)

December 2014

January 2009-September 2014

National Literacy Coalition

  •  Edited Every Child a Writer (a series of teacher resource material for grades K-12)

June-July 2013

  • Edited manuscript for anthology World War I in American Fiction: An Anthology of Stories, 1914-1940 (ISBN: 1606351966)
  • Checked original stories with scanned documents
  • Edited original stories for errors
  • Edited for content, layout, mechanics, punctuation, and style
  • Transcribed original scans into Word documents

April 2013

  • Edited manuscript for book In the Pacific: The WWII Journal and Photography of David L. DeJarnette (ISBN: 0615779956)

December 2012-February 2013

  • Edited dissertation for student in Duisberg, Germany, called Tall Tales in Comic Diction, from Literature to Graphic Fiction: An Intermedial Analysis of Comic Adaptations of Literary Texts

August 2008-December 2009; August 2011-May 2012

The University Leader

  • Chief Copy Editor/Writing Coach
  • Copy edited an eight-page weekly newspaper
  • Coached authors in their writing
  • Edited for layout and design
  • Mastery of the AP formatting style

May-September 2011

The Ernest Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park

  • Editor of book War and Ink: New Perspectives on Ernest Hemingway’s Kansas City and His Early Career (ISBN: 1606351753)
  • Edited a compilation of essays
  • Formatted essays into consistent MLA

December 2010-January 2011

Joel Geyer, Senior Producer, NET Television

  • Edited film script Steinbeck’s Wrath
  • Checked for consistencies throughout the 50-page script
  • Edited document for content, layout, mechanics, punctuation, and style

December 2010-January 2011

Rylie Scott, Young Adult Literature Author

  • Edited novel Room 16
  • Checked for consistencies throughout the 150-page novel
  • Edited document for content, layout, mechanics, punctuation, and style

January 2009-December 2010

FHSU English Department

  • Assistant editor of the 2010 Teacher Scholar’s Journal
  • Assistant editor of the 2009 Post Parade

January-May 2010

The Willa Cather Foundation

November 2005-December 2007

Colorado Department of Education

  • Edited accreditation reports across 49 school districts in the North Central and Pikes Peak regions
  • Edited for consistencies
  • Edited for formatting, layout, mechanics, punctuation, and style

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