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Appositive Message about Commas

I was waiting patiently in line to turn in my papers for a passport when I spotted this error. At first, I thought, "Aww, how nice! The Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder is welcoming its newest member, Nancy A. Doty!" At least that's how this would be interpreted if someone with a particularly astute eye… Continue reading Appositive Message about Commas

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Commas 101

This mistake is not too bad in the grand scheme of grammatical life, but it provides a nice lesson for us about commas. Commas have about a bajillion rules, and I would say almost everyone I know admits to having a hard time remembering when to put them and when not to. My mom, for… Continue reading Commas 101

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To Assure or Ensure? That Is the Question

I was visiting the doctor when I found this. (I actually snapped three pictures while waiting for her; I will talk about the others later.) The problem is the word assure. You see, assure can be used only with animate objects that are capable of having anxiety. You assure your grandmother her green chicken is… Continue reading To Assure or Ensure? That Is the Question