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Ambiguous Germs

More than one error lingers in this display of public error; however, I feel that focusing on just one would be most beneficial for this post. In this hand-washing reminder I found in a bathroom, we have a case of ambiguous word usage, and the culprit lies with the phrase 'are annoying travelers.' If we… Continue reading Ambiguous Germs

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So You Think You Can Punctuate

Hello, dear readers! While I've taken some time off from writing, I have continued to actively search for public errors. I've acquired a plethora of photos, and I'm glad to be back. My hope is to post weekly (ish) and get back on track with consistent writing. After all, the world needs educated about all these errors!… Continue reading So You Think You Can Punctuate

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Starbucks: Bennett, Colorado

Except vs Accept. This is a rather sad mistake: "...we cannot except tips!" Of course, this should read, "...we cannot accept tips!" In general, except can be used as a preposition: I want everything in that frappuccino except caramel. Accept, on the other hand, is a verb: I would gladly accept your tip; however, we… Continue reading Starbucks: Bennett, Colorado


The Hunt for Grammar — Both Good and Bad

Written grammar mistakes surround us. They're everywhere, infiltrating our daily lives, from billboards to Facebook to published literature to magazines and blogs. Some never notice the mistakes; they simply survive in a world bombarded with grammar/spelling mistakes yet continue on without a notice, and they even (gasp!) create such mistakes themselves. Others might catch a… Continue reading The Hunt for Grammar — Both Good and Bad