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Drive Safe (ly)

I was leaving the Ralph Schomp Honda dealership and came across this error. It's rather simple, really. The sign that says "PLEASE DRIVE SAFE" assaulted my grammatical senses because of an adjective/adverb mishap. Safe is technically explaining how people should be driving, and, if you remember my lesson about determining whether you have an adverb… Continue reading Drive Safe (ly)

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Can You Fanta? A Lesson on Less vs. Fewer

Yay! I have the opportunity to discuss count vs. non-count nouns and the rules that accompany them. Consider today your lucky day. This mistake was on one of those new fancy pop machines in Noodles & Company. Pay special attention to the white bubble on the far right that advertises "15 calories or less." It… Continue reading Can You Fanta? A Lesson on Less vs. Fewer

Apostrophes, Grammar, Poor Editing, Punctuation

A Selfish Farmer

This elevator can be found in the bustling metropolis of Roggen, right along Interstate 76. At first, a passerby might not even notice the teeny, tiny apostrophe placed ever-so gently between the r and the s in farmers. But I assure you; it is there. And it is wrong. I happen to know that Roggen… Continue reading A Selfish Farmer

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Capital Punishment

I found the same error on two posters. The first mistake was the final mistake I found while waiting for my doctor. (Note -- I waited for about 15 minutes and found three errors in plain view. That's quite sad.) The second mistake was on a Colorado Education Association poster -- also not a good… Continue reading Capital Punishment

Grammar, Pronoun/Antecedent

Proper Pronouns, Please!

I found this error on a Sherman Alexie poster in the hallway of the English department at my alma mater. Ironic, I know. We have another case of pronoun/antecedent disagreement (on the text on the far right of the poster). The first word of the sentence is concealed, but the sentence reads, "Any man or… Continue reading Proper Pronouns, Please!

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Past Tense Flub

Page 703 of Breaking Dawn: the 2nd sentence should read, "I was about to reach out to them when I realized..." The passage is written in past tense, so this is clearly an error. My guess is that the person transcribing got so bored with the anticlimactic ending that she started making silly mistakes, like… Continue reading Past Tense Flub